Take some jaw dropping mountains, add some badass athletes willing to take on ‘the impossible’, a few pairs of skis and some speedriding rigs – yep, it’s a recipe for one seriously cool action-flick that’s coming soon: The Unrideables: Alaska Range.

Check out the teaser above to get a flavour of what lies in store when the movie is released in January. It’s a visual feast of speedriding action showcased through dramatic POV footage and stunning aerial cinematography. Prepare to marvel at awe-inspiring descents  previously considered unrideable.

Speedriding opens up a fourth dimension . . . we have a whole new perspective to playing on the mountain’s feature



The prelude to the ten-episode series that will take an up-close and intimate look into the lives of the world’s most elite skydiving athletes. Each episode will explore what drives them as individuals, and reveal what goes on behind the curtain of every new skydive, BASE jump, and wingsuit flight.