Flying is… from RanchPilot on Vimeo.

A collection of amazing flying experiences I’ve had over the past two years in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. Music: Dexter Britain, “The Time To Run” DISCLAIMER: This video was shot by an experienced backcountry pilot who pre-flies low-level routes at higher altitudes to check for obstructions. It is not intended to suggest that anyone should fly like this without having the proper background, training, and experience. For those who do, though, it sure is fun! In fact, it’s why I learned to fly in the first place. Hope you enjoy.

JOHNNY from Satori Factory – Alex Aimard on Vimeo.

"Johnny" was filmed during the "Dynamite days" (21-25 may 2014) at TNT Brothers dropzone in Bucarest, Romania.

with: Scott Plamer USA – Nitro circus – actor, performer, and freefly organizer Will Penny, South Africa – Babylon – actor, performer, and freefly organizer Petter Jonsson, Sweden – Swedish freefly Mafia – actor, performer, and freefly organizer Dave Rhea, USA – actor, performer, and video Alex Aimard, France – Skywalkers and Satori Factory founder video, director and edit

additionnal video Aurelien and Shunkka

And all the participant of the Dynamite Days