Take some jaw dropping mountains, add some badass athletes willing to take on ‘the impossible’, a few pairs of skis and some speedriding rigs – yep, it’s a recipe for one seriously cool action-flick that’s coming soon: The Unrideables: Alaska Range.

Check out the teaser above to get a flavour of what lies in store when the movie is released in January. It’s a visual feast of speedriding action showcased through dramatic POV footage and stunning aerial cinematography. Prepare to marvel at awe-inspiring descents  previously considered unrideable.

Speedriding opens up a fourth dimension . . . we have a whole new perspective to playing on the mountain’s feature



The prelude to the ten-episode series that will take an up-close and intimate look into the lives of the world’s most elite skydiving athletes. Each episode will explore what drives them as individuals, and reveal what goes on behind the curtain of every new skydive, BASE jump, and wingsuit flight.

Flying is… from RanchPilot on Vimeo.

A collection of amazing flying experiences I’ve had over the past two years in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. facebook.com/ranchpilot777 Music: Dexter Britain, “The Time To Run” dexterbritain.com DISCLAIMER: This video was shot by an experienced backcountry pilot who pre-flies low-level routes at higher altitudes to check for obstructions. It is not intended to suggest that anyone should fly like this without having the proper background, training, and experience. For those who do, though, it sure is fun! In fact, it’s why I learned to fly in the first place. Hope you enjoy.

JOHNNY from Satori Factory – Alex Aimard on Vimeo.

"Johnny" was filmed during the "Dynamite days" (21-25 may 2014) at TNT Brothers dropzone in Bucarest, Romania. http://www.tnt-brothers.ro/en/

with: Scott Plamer USA – Nitro circus – actor, performer, and freefly organizer Will Penny, South Africa – Babylon – actor, performer, and freefly organizer Petter Jonsson, Sweden – Swedish freefly Mafia – actor, performer, and freefly organizer Dave Rhea, USA – actor, performer, and video Alex Aimard, France – Skywalkers and Satori Factory founder video, director and edit

additionnal video Aurelien and Shunkka

And all the participant of the Dynamite Days

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The Red Bull Skydive Team recently performed one of the most daring wingsuit manoeuvres ever seen. As part of the project Akte BlaniX III, the five-man squadron set off in hot pursuit of two gliders cruising 4,000 metres above the ground. The skydivers then inched their way towards the aircraft before flying along side-by-side at speeds in excess of 180kph.

Glider aerobatics from Georg Wilckens on Vimeo.

Glider aerobatics training camp in Lodrino 2011 organized by the Swiss Aerobatics Gliding association. This was an intense week of competition training alongside the Swiss national team. The pilots in order of appearance: Jochen, Marc, Georg, Béatrice, Pierre-Yves and Daniel. Special thanks to our instructors Christian, Manfred, Fredy, Philippe and Sandor and the warm welcome and great support from the Gruppo Volo a Vela Ticino.

“White Wings” glider aerobatics demo team (Aeroclubului Romaniei)



European Glider Championship 2013 @ Vinon-sur-Verdon from LULAFILM on Vimeo.

European Gliding Championships 2013 @ Vinon-sur-Verdon France Alps Glider competition 15m class : 1 – Louis BOUDERLIQUE 2 – Christophe RUCH 3 – Jean-Denis BARROIS 18m class : 1 – Sebastian KAWA 2 – Christophe COUSSEAU 3 – Roman MRACEK Open class : 1 – Michael SOMMER 2 – Killian WALBROU 3 – Markus FRANK

Ace paragliding pilot Gavin McClurg takes us on a recco mission to the Alaskan mountain range.

Gavin McClurg has a dream – to do a paragliding vol-bivvy trip of the Alaskan mountain range.

He’s very clear: the mere idea of doing such a thing is absolutely insane. Says Gavin: “I want to bivvy fly the full length of the Alaska Range. 350 miles. I can’t imagine a more remote, desperate or difficult flying line. Big mountains. Lots of bears. No people, no villages, no road.”